What We Believe

Creve Coeur Christian Church has its roots in the American Restoration Movement. Along with all Christians throughout history we are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus as the chief cornerstone. As such, “we have no creed but Christ, no book but the Bible.” We embrace the old principle of “in essentials, unity; in opinions, liberty; in all things, love”.



God is the creator, sustainer and redeemer of everything that exists. He is one God manifesting Himself in three distinct persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Father loves His creation and desires that humanity be restored to a right relationship with Him as His children.



Jesus Christ is God’s one and only Son and the Savior of the world. Though He was sinless, He gave His life as the sacrifice for the sins of the world by dying on the cross. Three days later, He rose from the dead claiming victory over sin and death, providing eternal life for those who believe in Him.

Jesus then ascended into Heaven to assume His eternal position of glory, authority, and as the only mediator between God and man. He is preparing a place there for His followers for all eternity. He will return to judge the living and the dead, the faithful to eternal life, those who reject Him to eternal darkness.


Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the unseen and personal manifestation of God actively working in the world. The Holy Spirit makes us aware of sin and our need for Jesus Christ. The promised indwelling of the Holy Spirit then provides the Christian with strength, comfort, understanding, guidance and helps in developing the very character and nature of God.


The Bible

The Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word to all mankind, written through human authors under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is the complete revelation of God’s plan for our salvation and the final authority on all Christian beliefs and living.



The Bible teaches a person is saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus, the Son of God. Nothing we try to do on our own could ever make right our relationship with God, earn our salvation, or pay for our sins. Jesus, however did pay for our sins in full through His death on the cross. This “good news” (gospel) of forgiveness of sin and promise of eternal life is offered to all.  The Bible teaches that to accept Jesus as Savior is to believe in Christ as God’s Son and Savior of the world, to repent of personal sin, to confess Christ as Lord, and to be immersed in baptism.

The Church

The Church is the body of Christ on earth, the community of believers throughout the world. It is not a building or a place, it is God’s people.  The church exists to glorify Jesus Christ in many ways. We accomplish that primarily by living the Great Commandment to love God and to love our neighbor and by fulfilling the Great Commission to share the gospel of Jesus with everyone that they might follow Him, too.


We pursue the unity of all Christians upon a shared faith in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God.